Friday, November 7, 2014

A Holy Opportunity

110 days!

It will not be long now, before we board our train, step out in NYC and make our holy covenant of marriage in Central Park.

A holy covenant.

It’s territory uncharted for us both.

A promise to not only one another, but to God.
A promise to express the unbreakable bond of love between Christ and His people.
A promise to live a life of ministry that brings glory to God.

This seems to be the “culture war” of the day. You can’t read social media or turn on the news without hearing another state deeming same sex marriage as a legal right to it’s people, and in return, there is almost always someone throwing God’s words and judgement right in behind.

I remember growing up... tattoos, men with long hair and woman leaders were the culture wars of the day. Funny how now, in our culture, we do not bat an eye at such things. Nor do we hear teachings from the pulpit that tattoos are unholy, that men with long hair are not choosing God’s best, and that woman leaders are being disobedient to God’s law.

I cannot tell you how many sermons I have heard telling me that my marriage will not be scared. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from friends how they cannot find God’s blessing on my marriage or that I am not walking in God’s will or that my lifestyle is detrimental to the definition of biblical marriage and what a Godly family is suppose to be.

And as much as their words hurt, and as much as I wish their theology was different, I have learned that it’s ok to disagree. It’s okay to land on opposite sides.

After years of wrestling with this particular topic, I have found peace in believing that God will bless my marriage. I believe that my covenant will be sacred. I believe that on our wedding day we will be standing on Holy Ground—in the presence of God.
And I believe that He will show up.

Perhaps pastor’s will not change the message that has been preached for generations about  homosexuality or same sex marriage, but perhaps their messages will begin to open up doors of communication, dialogue, and the opportunity to sit across from one another, to hear one another’s story, and to wrestle together over God’s Holy Word together.

You see, gay christians are still very much a minority in the mainstream Christian church, but (and I hope this comes as no shock to you) we are there. We sneak in and sneak out before anyone notices us. We have been coming for months and long to get involved, but are too scared that we won’t be accepted once we are known. We join small groups and only share our “public persona” each week because rejection gets old. We come in, unashamed of who we are because we have found peace in the presence of God. We are even serving on ministry teams and maybe you just don’t know our story yet. . .never the less, we are part of this story too. We are part of what God is doing, a part of His Holy people.

Perhaps it is in these moments where we are giving the opportunity to wrestle in His truth together, to seek God’s face with one another and to learn to radically love each other in our differences that Christ has the chance to be most beautifully seen.

May we all find grace and mercy when those opportunities are laid at our feet.

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