Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being Engaged

It's crazy to think that our wedding is about 5 months away. 154 days to be exact. Sometimes it feels so surreal to be planning our wedding. I am so excited about so many things and as much as I want the next few months to fly by, I also want to savor them as much as I possibly can.

I've heard it said that being engaged is one of the best times of your life.

Perhaps it's because everyone is constantly congratulating you and sharing in on your excitement. We have had our fair share of nay sayers, but these days they seem to be outweighed by those who have come along side of us and have showered us with love, support, blessing and who share in our excitement. And I won't lie, hearing a "Congrats," and a "I'm so happy for you guys," is pretty darn fantastic!

Perhaps they say it's the best time because you get to make a long list of things you want and then people actually give them to you. I mean who doesn't love making a "wish list" when it's not even Christmas?!? However, for us, you won't walk into a store and find our names on one of those wedding kiosks. We really don't need, or want more "stuff." Our wish? It's simple really! We just to want to share our day with those we can't imagine doing life without. Those who will fight with us for our marriage. And those who will walk this journey of a lifetime alongside us in love and grace, and laughter. Yeah, definitely laughter. That wish coming true will be splendid.

Perhaps it is the best time because you taste yummy foods and try on big fancy clothes that you would otherwise never get to wear. Planning an out of town wedding makes the tasting yummy foods a challenge for us. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to hop skip and jump to NYC, sit down and have some, what we hope is, out of this world deliciously good eats, but in reality this will not be happening. So after hours of research, reading multiple food reviews, and chatting with the absolutely adorable Jim, we have chalked this up as, "It's going to be perfect." And as far as the fancy big white you know what . . . well, I will let your imagination run wild.

The list could go on.

Being engaged is a marvelous time.

For me, it's been the conversations. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Yes, planning the venue, the reception, the rings, the you name it, have been a lot of fun to plan. But I will forever cherish the conversations, the heart to hearts, the hard questions, the what if's, and the dialogue of defining our marriage.

I'm thrilled about the next 5 months of our engagement and I plan on enjoying all of the days that will make up our path to our promise.

How about you?

What was your favorite part of your engagement?
And what is your favorite thing about being married?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The journey is not one for the feet, but one for the heart.

Hey You, 

I've been thinking about you, us, and the past two months of our journey. 

It's been quite a ride, eh? 

And by ride I'm not talking about your arms spread out, carefree to the side, flying through the air like a peaceful bird, kind of ride. 


It's been more like that ride where you have to fasten fifteen belts and strap every last inch of yourself into a small plastic chair. It's the ride when you start to pull out of the "safety zone" you soon find yourself on your back with your face to the sky and you know just on the other side, you will see the drop where you will try, with all your might, to hold down your lunch. Yeah, that ride. The one where you are screaming inside "I WANT MY MOMMY," but don't because you are a BIG girl now and you have to suck it up. It's the ride where you swear to yourself, "If I make it off alive, I will never ever ever ever do that again."

Lately, I am sure we both have come pretty close to screaming "MOMMMMMMMMMY" and hoping that the ride would come to a stop and that we could climb off.

In the quiet corners of this house tonight, Bible in one hand and A.W. Tozer in the other, I read these words: "The journey is not one for the feet, but one for the heart." 

Lately it feels as if this ride has not been one for excitement, or fun, or celebration. We haven’t followed the norm of getting lost in the details, the planning, the rings, the venue, the ceremony, the attire, or the congratulations. 

Rather, it's been one that has brought us to our knees.


And the more I think about that, the more I think . . . how perfect!!!

There is no doubt that our journey will be filled with exciting adventures, wild voyages, fun times and memorable rides. The journey of our feet will take us to amazing places where I’m sure we will meet fantastic people along the way. But may we never think that that is it. 

This journey of life, this next chapter of our journey is one of the heart. One that I pray will always bring us to our knees before Him, heart in hand. Ready to go deeper. Ready to be used. Ready to be changed. And ready to point all glory and honor back to Him. 

So, even if the world continues to crumble around our feet may we “never lose heart---even though our outer person is being destroyed, our inner person is being renewed day by day” by day by day by day!!! (2 Corinthians 4:16)

I love you,