Friday, August 22, 2014

I am the Champion!

I have been winning every day since last Saturday.

Does that mean I'm awesome?


But it also means that I am really good at forgetting that I am playing a game when it's my turn to find the hidden "cat" and really good at remembering when it's Melinda's turn.

(Except for the last time I hid the cat and Melinda found it, and I had no idea it was moved for what she "claims" was 3 weeks, but in reality I am pretty sure she was exaggerating and it was only like 7 days.


For the record, she has been very bad about keeping eye contact during any conversation this week! Her eyes have continued to roam over every inch of every room in the house, and yet, she is losing!

I think the fact that I pulled a Babe Ruth, called "game on" and taunted her with the fact that I have a, and I quote, "Killer Spot, " has led her to new lows of name calling.

You heard me correctly. Name calling. 

I got accused of being a cheater.

It's poor sportsmanship really, but let's be honest, losing sucks and she's trying to hold it together.

I am NOT a cheater, in case you are wondering. The cat IS in the house, it is NOT hidden in a drawer, and it CAN be seen if you happen to be looking in the direction of where it is hidden.

Obviously, she has not been.

But I am feeling generous today, and am offering a picture to:

a. to prove that it is visible


b. I realize some people are not champions and need a little more help than others . . .cough cough Melinda.


(Melinda, "Meow" the odds be ever in your favor!)

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