Thursday, April 24, 2014

What are three memories that you never want to forget?

"What are three memories that you never want to forget?"

This was the question that was asked in my house yesterday.
A question that is still lingering today.

Only three?

That's not only difficult, but it's impossible.

In my 33 years there have been more than just three memories that have changed me, challenged me and have been the catalyst to bigger and better things.
There has been more than one memory per eleven years that has resurfaced in my mind and refilled my heart with emotions.

And even though I'd rather say, "to heck with the rules," this time, I will comply.

After much thought, here are my three:

1. Playing lawn darts in the front yard of my childhood home, with my mom, my dad and my brothers.

2. September 19, 2010 in Cartersville under the waters of the James River & March 17, 2012 under the stars of Blackstone. Don't call me a cheater! Yes these are two separate events, but together they connect what I knew in my head to what I knew in my heart. Life changing!

3. Music was coming from the office. We were sitting in the bed room, talking and filling each other in on our past and life stories, the good times and bad. There was a lull in conversation and you must have heard the words of the song playing in the background. Your eyes filled with tears, as you closed them, a smile spread across your face and your hand went up high in praise as you sang the words "Hold on don't you ever let go, let me Jesus lead, I guarantee you He knows. When the road is rough, the going gets tough, the hills are hard to climb, looking for peace of mind, Hold on don't you ever let go . . ."


Those are three I never want to forget!

What are your three?

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