Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's Sail on, my love.

It's been two years since we have set sail on this great adventure. I often wonder about “that” night--the one that now marks the embarking of this journey together. You know, for two love scared sailors, in the captain seats of their own patched up, wave crashed vessels it probably would have been easier to part ways that night. It would have been easier to go in opposite directions, than to risk failing. It would have been easier to sail our separate ways, then to be out in the open waters where vulnerability is inevitable and you are wide open to being hurt or disappointed. But you know what happens when you stay put? You know what passes us by when we look out the portholes from the safety of our lonely cabins?

Life. Exquisite, beautiful, delicate, heartbreaking and mind-blowing life.

There are no words to express my gratitude that I am able to share this gorgeous life with you. I am thankful that you stepped out of your scruffy boat that night, and for taking my hand as I stepped out of mine. I know we both felt completely ill-equipped for the adventure at hand two years ago and perhaps if we were able to see out past the horizons things may have been different. But we weren’t looking at the horizons, we were focused only on that first step—the one that got us out of the boat. And we trusted. Trusted that no matter what challenges we would face ahead, He would give us whatever grace and strength we would need to sail forward.

We have faced some incredible waves, and at times we have even made our own. We have unexpectedly watched friends bail ship and have been surprised by freebooters trying to pillage what we have. We have had leaks, torn sails, and rip tides along the way. And yet, His grace has been abundant and His strength has been sufficient to bring us out on the other side, stronger, closer, and deeper.

He has been faithful.

We have seen impeccable sunrises, observed breathtaking sunsets, and have spent spectacular nights under starry skies. We have explored magnificent coral reefs, and have met faithful sea dogs along the way. We have laughed until our sides ached and have poured out our hearts over stunning blue waters. We have seen His generosity. We have tasted His blessings. And we have been lavished in His love.  

He has been good.

As we continue this voyage on these uncharted waters, may we never stop being intentional, may we never stop growing with one another,  may we never stop laughing and having fun, and may we never stop living this exquisite, beautiful, delicate, heartbreaking and mind-blowing life together.

And on those days (that will come) were the journey is less than perfect, the sailing is less than smooth, and our boat is less than beautiful remember the One who has called us is with us, and is for us and He is faithful.

So, let’s hold His hand tight, lift those sails high and sail on for many many more, my love.

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