Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet Bernie

You can't come within 10 feet of my FB page and not know the news already. But just in case you missed it, we got a (shih poo) puppy. I know we are biased, but we think she is pretty darn cute. It's a girl, and yes her name is Bernie. Several of you question our judgment here, but once you meet the girl, it fits! She's a 3 lb. spitfire, but don't let her size deceive you! Her personality fills the room with laughter and over floods it with spunk. And just like any new puppy, with Bernie, there is never a dull moment (unless she is snoozing). Whether it is inquisitively exploring new rooms, or trying to get Kovu and Kiara (the kitties) to do more than just sniff her nose and stare her down, Bernie brings excitement to every bounce she takes. And yes, I do mean bounce. Regardless of her leaving 'doggy heaven' and entering into our world off Lilking, and us diving into her 'I don't want to sleep here without you' nightly routine, I think she is as happy to have us as we are to have her. We might not know the ends and outs of what we are doing, like Cesar Millan (that's the dog whisperer for those of you who don't know) but as for a cat lover turned Bernie fan, I could not ask for a better partner to do and learn this with. And for the record I think we are floating along just fine. So here's to many more rainy days filled with laps around the house, battle wounds from baby teeth that mistakenly take your flesh color hand as her blue and green frog, sunny days with puppy PFDs, the yaks, and paddling on the water with your best friend, puppy snuggles, moments of complete exhaustion, situations where you have more questions than answers, and to many many many cups of strong coffee.

As Sam our 4 year old neighbor suggest: "She needs play dates." So my friends, if you want to see 'the cutest puppy ever' (a quote I stole from a friend, but couldn't agree with more) lets us know. We would love to share her cuteness!

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