Friday, March 8, 2013

A Boring Post

Go ahead. Stop reading now. This list of weekend plans is boring.

1.     Once snuggling and coffee get old on Saturday morning, I'll hop up and run to the gym. Pretend that I am hiking up a mountain that once about killed me and take victory as I wipe the sweat off my brow.

2.     I’ll return to my abode and crank up the tunes, do the household chores that have been set aside in the name of fun gotten away from me in the business of this life this past week.

3.     In the center of a brilliantly sparking kitchen, I will pull out the secret ingredients to my delectable homemade taco soup and wait for that special someone to come home from work and keep me entertained company.

4.     In the evening we will jump into a car and congregate with some splendid individuals, lift our voices up in worship and hear all that God is doing in the midst of our community.

5.     Well sneak off just a wee bit early, and drive a little ways down the road and join in the celebration of marriage with a beautiful couple that I highly esteem. And you better believe I will be wearing my my my my my boogie shoes! smiling to be a part of this joyous festivity.

6.     Sleep. Hiking dangerously steep mountains, keeping up with Cinderella and dancing the night away in blue suede shoes will make a lady tired. So I’m tired.

7.     Sunday the alarm will go off. Which means it will be early. Two good looking bicycles will be hitched to the car. This now sporty automobile will head to the sticks of Powhatan to attend the early church service.

8.     Not take a nap. Because a. it’s going to be 66 degrees on Sunday and b. we are heading to Highbridge Trail to spend the afternoon with the breeze in our hair and our bums on those good looking bikes.

That about sums up all I will be doing this weekend. Is that so bad?

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