Monday, February 11, 2013

Love is . . .[insert metaphor here]

So often, we hear love explained or expressed as a metaphor.  We refer to love as a thrill ride, a battlefield, an adventure, a garden, life itself, a fine wine, or a journey.  And typically, as a blogger, I would jump at the opportunity to express my enchanted love story in some ornate language.
But this story is a little different. And for me, the best way to understand its love is in its palpable form:
That smile, a whiff of ginger lingering in the room, a wink, a yellow tube of chap stick which always seems to be missing, then found, then missing again, a knowing look that remains just a second too long, the aroma of fresh cilantro and cumin that fills our kitchen, the sound of bird calls and belly laughs; and especially, the times we lay together on the office floor and share our stories, our faith, our struggles, our hopes.
It is here, in these times where it’s more than a simple romance, more than a passing moment, but where the countless memories stitch love together. It’s the safe haven we climb into when the world is cold, unforgiving, and the future is uncertain. It’s where we ascend to  and seek solace together in the presence of the One who strengthens our bond, who defines our purpose and who gives us the hope and love to keep running this race of life, together, hand in hand.
BUT . . .
If I were forced to play this love is a metaphor game, I would have to say, that love is a song we sing together. Sometimes the notes we sing are sharp, at other times they are flat. And on occasion no matter how many times a song has been sung or played, a cord is forgotten, the words get jumbled up, and we may say and do all the wrong things. But even then, with the lights of the stage beam brightly upon us and the eyes of sometimes kind and at other times unforgiving audience, the song must go on, we keep playing, we keep singing.
Here love is about overcoming fear: the fear of losing love, of screwing everything up.
Guaranteed we will sing this love wrong, we will sing it without melody, we will sing it out of tune, we will forget the lyrics, but the only thing we can do is to just keep singing, to keep playing, and hope that we will learn from our mistakes.
So, here is a playlist, a modern “mixed tape”, if you will, of songs that make me smile, that make me think of you, of us, of sweet memories that we’ve made and the hope of many more to come. Songs dedicated to love; in whatever form it might take. Songs that remind me of what life may hold for us; the crescendos finales, the a cappella stanzas, the legato measures, the staccato verses, the vibrato notes, and the instrumental interludes. Songs that like love ebb and flow and remind me of the beautiful tune God has been singing over my life, over our life.
Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


  1. This is absolutely lovely! I love how you related it to music. Your words just speak to me!

  2. watermelon watermelon watermelon watermelon..."man i ought to be a song writer" TTMAB ;)