Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm already writing about Christmas!

I am excited about the upcoming holiday season this year. And for those of you who join in that excitement, but have a loved one who is less than thrilled about the approaching jingle bells and tacky Santa sweaters, take note.
Sometime, you just have to grab the one you love and yell:
"Hi. You're really nice and funny, so I want to spend the whole entire holiday season with you. Let's crank up Bing Crosby, throw the stove on low and heat up some homemade holiday potpourri, pull down the Christmas decor, fill up a glass of Eggnog, switch on the fire place and change our humble abode into a winter wonderland filled with joy, peace, hope and laughter.
Let's pile into the car one frigid night all bundled up with hats and scarves and some dear friends and search the James Center lawn for the red nosed reindeer. We can even take a brief hiatus from thinking about the million and one things that need to be done, and splurge on a candy apple or a piping hot Carmel Macchiato from our favorite coffee spot.
We can unbundle slightly and walk into the warm lobby of Richmond's finest luxury accommodation and take a peek at The Jefferson Hotel's Christmas tree and ginormous ginger bread house, where of course I will ask you strike a silly pose and insist on taking a picture to capture that slight glimpse of holiday cheer that is starting to leak from the corners of your smile. And just maybe, the Spirit of Christmas will overtake you enough that you start to hum "Feliz Navidad" all the way back to the car.
One the way home, let's share our favorite Christmas traditions or worst Christmas gift ever received with all those who accompanied us on this funtastic evening, and admire the tacky Christmas lights that adorn many homes surrounding good 'ole Richmond, VA.
We'll smile and laugh, and maybe even shed a tear or two, but most of all our hearts will be full of thankfulness, for dear friends, for one another, for new holiday memories and traditions, and for taking the time to stop and joyfully celebrate the coming of baby Jesus and the hope and promise His birth has brought into all of our lives."

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