Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sometimes Change Will Do You Good.

In Mark Batterson's book, The Wild Goose Chase, (a book that explains things in this life that prevent us from following the Holy Spirit's leading) he talks about the cage of routine, how easily we can fall into the comforts of our own routine, that we miss out of growing and moving with the Spirit to the life God desires for us to have. I have never really struggled with being a stickler for routine, I tend to be a free spirit and random. I like to mix things up and keep things spicy. Well . . . .I use to. Lately, I see that I am more of a creature of habit, of routine, of being comfortable than I have ever been. Why is it when years get added to our age we forget how to let our hair down, we forget to go with the flow, we forget to keep moving forward, we forget to chase the Wild Goose, and seek after the best life God has for us. I know that's not the case for all, but sadly it is the case for many, and this past month I have recognized I have climbed back into that boat.

It seems more difficult to mix up routine these days, to begin new habits and to rid my life of poor ones. My routine, my schedule, my life has been comfortable, and I have managed to turn a blind eye to some things that need to change. Sometimes I can hear God's calling and see where the Spirit is leading me to venture, but it's has been too easy to talk myself into staying in the arms of comfort.

God lets us choose that sometimes. Other times we might choose to throw our hands in the air and scream "I don't know where to start, or how to do this, but I want to do something different." Or maybe there is a 2x4 or a doctor's recommendation that helps us along. Sometimes it's the situations of life that come along, and in hindsight we see that it was preparation to find the strength to take that first step, or maybe it's a friend who comes alongside you and links arms and whispers "you're not in this alone."

The point is, there's always the choice to stay, to not change, to stop moving forward, to stay comfortable, (I always seem to need this reminder) but it's a choice that I believe will always leave us lacking, hoping for more, desiring something better. And recently I have come to find that if we look around, we can see that God has gone before us and set the scene, set up support systems, and pit stops along this journey of change, of stepping out of the cages that hold us back. He's there waiting for us to grab His hand and trust that with Him we can overcome.

I have been a new journey for 3 weeks. There has been failures and setbacks. There have been successes and goals meet. There have been moments of just going through the emotions and moments of pure excitement to face the challenge. But just in 3 weeks, I can see that this journey has made me better. Made me stronger.  It has allowed me to encounter intimate moments with my Creator. It has allowed His voice and His thoughts to speak loudly over my life. It's provided the opportunity for me to see yet again that He is faithful, that yes, I have to do my part no matter how challenging that may be at times, but even if I fail----He is there. He is standing by my side reminding me that when I am weak He is strong and together we got this!!!

It's only day 2 of a different "new change" and I know there will be just as many obstacles, just as many voices telling me I can't, just as many disappointments, but I have seen that His strength overcomes my weakness, I know that if I am intentional about doing my part, He will be faithful to do His, and I know if I fall, if I take 2 steps back, His grace will cover me and His love will pick me back up. And if I forget all of that, this blog will serve as a letter to myself, to remind me to keep going, don't be discouraged, because I (you) know that God has great things in store!!!!!

So, here's to mixing things up, to stepping outside of the cage of routine, to stop going with the flow of this stagnant life, and to keep pressing onward, to keep growing, to keep seeking His best, and to chase that Wild Goose wherever He wants to lead me.

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