Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey you,

I am in a ridiculously good mood, and I am planning on smothering you (and everybody else for that matter) in it over the next few days. Here is how we'll celebrate a victorious week of hard work:

1. The tomatoes in the garden are growing quickly and each day a bushel or two are picked (okay that may be a stretch considering a bushel is roughly 53lbs, but it is a lot of tomatoes). I envision the kitchen to be filled with laughter, music and smells from scrumptious new creations that involve the most delicious red tomatoes. (For those who aren't able to make it for dinner, maybe I could snatch a few of the divine tomatoes I speak of and let you indulge, in your own kitchen, the brilliance of home grown fresh tomato bliss).

2. Whether we grab a chair with the aroma of coffee beans filling the four walls at the local Starbucks, hide a way in the corner of the nearby Barnes and Noble or snuggle to the arms of a soft fluffy love seat, we will celebrate peaceful moments where words of wisdom fill our souls and captivate our thoughts. We will fill the hours with reading, learning, sharing ideas, contemplating new enlightenments, and resting in the silence, book in hand, and offering thanksgiving for just being able to be present with one another.

3. We will enjoy a night of being part of a crowd, listening to live music, cutting loose and spreading the joy and happiness that is overflowing our lives.

4. We will compete competitively and yell "Tweetie" as we are cruisin' up and down and all around town. I will school you as always. I wish you the best my friend, and look forward to a good game.

5. Perhaps we can chit chat with the people who created you and loved you and tamed you. Because I bet you were a wild animal for a while, probably from years 2 to 37 if I had to guess.

6. Maybe we could bring a mutual friend a smile. After getting your wisdom teeth pulled, what says we love you and hope you feel better, than a big tub of yummy ice cream!!?!!!?!!!!

7. Laugh. We should laugh so hard that our stomachs ache. Yep, laughter is a must.

8.  We will sit on a Saturday night church chair, surrounded by broken, hope filled, Jesus lovin' people that will remind me and bring me back to memories of the first time we met--when we were surrounded by broken, hope filled, Jesus lovin' people and providence.
What do you say? You in? To be smothered by my joy? To celebrate with me all the blessings God is pouring down?


  1. Hey Me (You?)

    Im in...sounds like a time I couldn't, wouldn't want to pass up! Love, joy, and general merry-making? Who would want to pass that up?
    And just for the don't school no one on Tweetie except when you drive by schoolbus or taxicab parkinglots and cheat. But if that's what you need to do to win... Just saying ;)
    -You (Me?)

  2. 9. Eggs, mopeds and sticks ... Oh my!!