Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Like chasing the wind

Lately, I have found myself camping out in the book of


Not the easiest book to read, but I have been reminded that:

Great food, Great ambiance, and Great Conversations,

A fun night out with friends at the Diamond,


The gift of life, the joys of tiny toes and sweet coos,

A niece that I am completely smitten with,


Unexpected vacations,


Floating in the sun over peaceful waters,


Weddings filled with old friends, laughter, and dancing,


and a relatively clean desk on a busy week,


are just bonuses in this life!!!

They bring me happiness and smiles.
They fill my life with excitement and laughter.

But at times happiness fades, smiles can turn into frowns, excitement burns out and laughter can lead to tears.
I am not sustained by those things above, nor am I defined by them.
Yes, I enjoy them immensely, and I am filled with gratitude that my life is showered with such "bonuses."

But apart from Christ, apart from His unconditional love, apart from my life bringing him glory and praise, these bonus and all of the others that have come and gone are meaningless.

And chasing after them alone to satisfy my life, is like chasing after the wind.

Thanks for the reminder Solomon.

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