Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday!

Oh, how I do wish it were Sunday . . . or any other day from this past weekend! But alas, there is only forward motion, and sometimes out of a fun, amazing, belly laugh filled weekend, comes the Manic Mondays. And today is no different. So, for the sake of remaining sane, I am taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the insurance world and sharing some random "Mel thoughts."

1. As of noon today, we are on the other side of finishing 2012. In January I wrote about my desire to see His blessings pour over my life, and admitting that there was still so much I was clinging to that didn't allow room for those blessings to enter. (you can read about it here) Standing here, on July 2nd, 2012, I won't claim that the work is complete, but I will be honest in confessing that I never imagined I would be where I am today. I believed that He would create a new creature in my surrendering, I knew that in Him I would find life again, but despite all of that, I honestly questioned whether or not some parts of me, the parts I gave away, would ever be restored. In the last month, my times of self reflection have shown vividly that work of a mighty God who is not only in the healing business, the life giving business, but who excels in the restoration business. He is restoring me, in ways I truly doubted could be done. Today, once again, I am humbled by a God who cannot be contained by shallow expectations.

2. If your nickname (mine being Mel) could be either male or female, perhaps when filling out contact forms, a full name would be better. Today, I received an email update of Men's Bible studies, Men's work day information, A Men's football outing and registration for the upcoming men's retreat. I appreciate the update, but will decline on the fact that this Mel ain't got no . . . well, I will exercise my good judgement here and rephrase that simply to state that . . .I am a she!

3. Many times God leads down the path that will stretch us the most. I am finding at work, I am currently walking that path. The new work isn't hard in itself, but the juggling and time management to get the work load accomplished . . .and accomplished well, has proven to be a challenge. A challenge that I haven't always received with open arms. I am counting down the days until I hand back over the new job duties. In the mean time, I have daily been reminded by a wise soul to stop counting the days, to stop fighting and to lean into what God is asking of me. Perhaps days like today happen because I am fighting too hard. Perhaps I wouldn't get so frustrated and overwhelmed if I let go of my agenda, my expectations and my pride of being able to do it all.

4. My car is in the shop. State inspection. I recently purchased 4 new tires. All the lights work and the wipers look good. There really isn't an obvious reason why I am anxious about what tomorrow's phone call will entail. I've been circling my car in prayer over the last two weeks. (Circling in prayer is from Mark Batterson's book The Circle Maker--a book about audacious prayers) To some that is a silly prayer, but I don't have the best luck with cars, and to surrender the outcome and trust that things will be okay no matter what the call will reveal, is something I will continue to circle in prayer tonight.

5. I haven't kept up with the Yankees since 2005. I have always and will always be a faithful fan, and always willing to throw down some smack, but in the last 7 years I have really have falling out of touch. This season, I have watched most of their games . . . a rekindled passion. This makes me happy.

6. Obama health care . . .just kidding. I'm not going there! :)

7. I love corn hole.... Especially when I win!!

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  1. Mark Baterson was at WCC two weeks ago. Wish you had been there.