Friday, July 20, 2012

If you had to sing a song right now, what song would you sing?

In a crowd of friends, acquaintances, or whomever, it is not uncommon for one to hear me say. "If you had to sing any song RIGHT NOW, what song would it be." (Just to clarify the rules, NOT answering this question is not allowed, one MUST have a song!) Perhaps, I like this game because there is ALWAYS a song running through my head, and assume that other people have a jukebox constantly playing too, or maybe it is because the more I play this game, the more I get to know the "contestant" who plays along---or at least their music library.

Stick with me . . . I will return to the paragraph above.

Time and time again, in hindsight, we so clearly see the hand of God. As I camped out in Hebrews this week, His hand has been so visible.

Sometime ago I was challenged to hide the words of Hebrews 11 in my heart. This week as I have poured over the familiar words, joy has completely captivated my soul. You see, at the time when I was memorizing these stories about people who stood firm on their belief in God when doubt, fear and uncertainty raged through their lives, I was clueless that 3 months down the road, their stories would be the hope and encouragement I needed to pull myself up and stand firm on my belief in God. As I relearned the words that over the years have became silent, memory after memory kept flooding in of His faithfulness in my life, of the promises He has kept, and that He's has never once left me on my own.

In the midst of a challenging week, Hebrews 11 and the knowledge that my God is who He claims to be, has filled the walls of my cube with peace as phone call after phone call, email after email and problem after problem rolled in. The belief in knowing that He has gone before me and laid down a good path that I have yet to see, has stirred calmness in my soul as the conversations about fear and change replay in my mind. And the joy of understanding that He is always by my side and is for me has given me the strength needed to keep going when the fatigue has set in.

He is worthy of my belief, my trust, my faith.

So . . . back to paragraph one. If I had to pick a song to sing right now, it would be:

"Praise Him through the Night" by Fred Hammond.

I am singing this song, because He has been there by my side through the night. He has been there when my faith seemed paper thin. He has been there when there was sorrow instead of gladness. He has been there when confusion rolled in like fog. He has been there when fear shifted my foundation. He has been the reason I have survived the storms of this life. He has been the reason I have come out better on the other side. He has been the reason my life is filled with joy. And I can't help but praise Him for all He has done, is doing and will do over my life.

Come on, You wanna play?!!

If you had to sing a song, right now, what song would you sing and why? :)

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