Thursday, July 12, 2012

If my night could, it would.

You know those nights that are filled with friends--those friends whose friendship brings you life?

The nights where spending time together and you leave with your side sore from laughter?

Where you gather around the table with good food and cold drinks?

Where conversations run deep and you are safe to take off all masks and just be . . . you?

Where the corn hole is brought out into the yard, or ladder ball or any other means of cutting loose and enjoying the company?

Where hours fly by and time doesn't seem to matter to anyone?

Those nights where your head crashes on the pillow at some ungodly hour and you are overflowing with gratitude to an awesome God who had chosen you to be their friend?

It would be a perfect evening for such a night!

Except, my alarm will go off at 430am tomorrow morning and work will need me bright eyes and bushy tailed.

Perhaps another night in the foreseeable future.

Because I miss those nights and I sure do miss those friends!!

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