Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I want to be a door holder


We are all accustomed to some degree of facing the resistance of closed doors. Some more than others. But rarely, few escape this reality of rejection, of exlusion, or missed opportunity.

Closed doors come in many different fashions.

Being the last kid on the playground to get picked for the game of kickball,

The rejection letter that regrets to inform you, you did not make it into the school of your choosing,

The phone call that aplogizes that the company has chosen a more qualified candidate,


The abusive, degrading words spoken by the ones who should love you and protect you,

Being measured against the world's definition of being successful, being cool, being beautiful.

Lately, my heart's been heavy for the door that many, friends that I have spoken with, and even myself at times, feel is closed. The ONE door that should ALWAYS remain open . . .


The Church Door.

I am sure you have heard it said, that churches are still the most segregated hour on Sunday mornings. We tend to flock to those who look like us, think like us, act like us . . . and I believe the statement leans more to the truth than we would like to admit.

We may literally have the church doors wide open, and we may even proclaim all are welcomed, but most of the time when someone finds the courage to enter in, finds the courage to take off the mask, finds the courage to share their story and it radically differs from those who fill the seats of the congregation, the doors of acceptance, of understanding, of grace, and of inclusion are quickly closed.

I will be the first to admit, that I have done my fair share of closing doors--more than I would like to confess. But because of God's grace, forgiveness and undestanding that has been poured into my life, I long to be something different. Someone who no longer closes doors.

I want to be a door holder.

One who will boldly hold the door open, eve when it is beiung pushed shut.

One who will say that no matter what your past is filled of, no matter what your life currently holds and no matter what path your life will head down . . .

This door is open . . .

The door that leads to a Savior who loves you beyond your wildest dream,

The door that leads you to the only One who can satisfy the desires of your heart,

The door that leads you to the One who longs for your company,

The doors that leads you to the One whose grace can erase all the mistakes of the past and whose hope provides another chance,

... is ALWAYS open.

I want to be a door holder, the one who walks along side those on the margins that world--the church glances over. To be their friend, to carry their burden and to lend my faith as strength until they find their own.

I want to be a door holder, because I wouldn't be where I am today unless somebody held that door open for me, when so many people where trying to push it shut.

I want to be a door holder, because no matter what I believe, no matter where I stand on any certain issue, no matter what my limited understanding may be . . .EVERYBODY--white, black, gay, straight, transgender, drug addict, porn star, liar, cheater, murder, fake, phony, lazy, hard worker, rich, poor, divorced, single, married, good, bad, young, old . . . have not only the right to meet Jesus, but are being called into His open, loving arms.

A door holder.

That's the cry of my heart.

That's the calling over our lives. And that too, how we choose to hold the door, comes in many forms...

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  1. It is the call over our lives. I want to be by your side holding that door open even against the restistance of it being slammed, pushed shut.