Sunday, May 6, 2012

Words matter

As kids I am sure at some point we have all chanted: " Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." I know I did . . . often. But the truth is, we all know that words can hurt. Now, I was the kid who would never let down the facade that the words said cut to the core of me. I'd brush it off, laugh with you, or make some witty come back to lessen the sting, but once left alone, I broke, tears of hurt and of insecurity would fall, and another echo would replay constantly in my head of one more reason why I wasn't good enough.

As I sit here in this quiet house this morning, I am amazed how those words from 20+ years ago still echo. I read that it takes at least 7 complimants to replace one insult. I can't say those harsh words I heard are replaced, but what I can say is that I know that those words, the names I was called, the insults hurled my way don't define who I am anymore. I know that who I am does not come from what others think of me. Sure, at times it is a stuggle. It's hard to be constantly told one thing and not question if there is truth behind it. But I have learned along that way that we are all broken people, and sometimes in that brokenness we cause pain and hurt where we don't think we are.

Hurt people hurt people.

That is not an excuss, or permission for us to use words that tear down, but it's a perspective that has radically changed how I see the people in my past, the people in my present and the people I know that will come into my life who's words cut deep.

It's a persepective that has taught me forgiveness, compassion, and has soften my heart for people instead of being defensive and angry.

This morning, as some old words resurface, as insecurity tries to creep in, and as vulnerability takes over, I am reminded that I don't have to listen. The words are there, but they don't have to hold power. I'm diving into what I know is true--His Word. Where there is never ending words of love that speak louder than any words of man.


  1. AMEN! His Word is the word that counts...Love never fails!

  2. Objective truth. The only way to fly. He is. He always will be. Everything else is meaningless. Like chasing the wind.