Friday, February 3, 2012

Early morning ramblings

3am. Why am I wide awake? This has been one of the longest hardest weeks I have had in a very long time. I've been pushing full throttle, running on all cylinders and pulled emotionally and physically in all directions. Sleep has been a luxury this week, a luxury that I have not been able to spoil myself in.  So, 3am, when I should be nice and cozy and in dream land, I toss and turn and sleep is no where to be found in this house.

In the midst of the crazy moments this week, I am reminded tonight of all the incredible moments . . . . the kairos moments. 

Kairos is a Greek word which means the right or opportune moment. God-ordained times. Kairos moments allow us to get a glimpse of how God is working, to hear Him and to see Him.

I've  been grateful. Grateful that in the ups and downs this week has sheltered, He has shown up. He has poured His love and comfort over me in the form of unexpected blessings. He has used His people to love on me, to help carry my burden, to bring laughter, to offer a shoulder to cry on, to cast vision with, and to be reminded of God's grace and unfathomable love.

Tomorrow . . .or should I say today, will be packed full. I pray for my mom and Larry, my stepdad. I pray for answers, for peace, for health and comfort. I pray he gets to come home, for healing and strength. I pray for tonight as folks gather together to pack thousands of socks. I pray for lives to be changed, for a smooth operation and for authentic community to fill the walls at PCC. I pray for Miss Norah Kate as she approaches her first birthday. May she never go a day in her life not knowing the love and hope she has brought into my family's world. I pray for my brother as His baby girl quickly grows up and as He continues to become an amazing father. I pray for the tables late tonight that will gather at El Cerro Azul. May we marvel over the work that has been done and give glory to where all the glory is due. I pray for traveling mercies, and comfort in the midst of absence. I pray that no matter what happens, no matter how crazy the schedule is, that my eyes are open. Open to those Kairos moments. Open to see God and to give thanks.

And as I write this, I am reminded that when we stop and pray and give thanks for the blessings: peace comes.

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