Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A new map

A year ago to the day, I took a step of obedience that has completely remapped my life.

Let me quickly backtrack.

The previous life map, was a good map. It wasn't like this treasure map that everyone sought after, nor did it lead to any buried treasure. To be honest, the world had jaded me so that I was not on a journey to find a fairy tell life, I didn't believe it existed. I just wanted to follow a map that lead to happiness. I learned to draw paths that wrapped around fun, excitement, and companionship. Even though I didn't believe in the happily ever after map, I was convinced that I was uniquely charting it out. I worked hard on my life map, it had it's own challenges, but I was ok with it.

At some point I learned that happiness fades out just as quickly as it appears. My map was filled with excursions and adventures that brought a lot of happiness to my life, but there was something missing.

It was in a parking lot off Broad street last year, that I took the step of letting go and creating my own paths, and chose to start following the map that had already been designed for me.

This new map has offered quite a voyage. There have been times where I question every turn that I am being asked to make. Sometimes I haven't always been able to clearly read the new map. There have been times when I am just plan stubborn-- I don't want to go back, but I am not ready to move forward. Parts of this voyage I have been able to pick up some folks along the way. While other times, I can search all I want, but there is nobody around. This new map has taken me through some dark tunnels that have brought healing and self discovery. And there have been day trips in areas that I have no words that describes the beauty or the peace that exudes.

This new map is a great map. It is not immune to challenges, struggles, and difficult times. There is fun, excitement, and laughter. There is happiness, and sorrow too. What makes is a great map is the fact that there is this constant peace and lasting joy. Everyday of travel isn’t a perfect day, but every day on this map provides purpose and life.