Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes all you can do is laugh! And today . . . I am laughing.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh! And today . . . I am laughing.

It’s been a rough week, to be honest. I have tried my darnedest to make lemonade out of all the lemons, but there just does not seem to be enough sugar, and the sour is starting to settle in. I am embarrassed to admit that the little things in life that get me off centered are nothing in comparison to the giants others have faced; nonetheless, I am off kilter.

I knew today would come, that’s the humorous part. You see, about a month ago, I started preparing the way for when life would seem just too overwhelming. From my past, I knew that I would most like lean on the “numbing” agents that now seem only to hurl me further into a funk. So, yes, I could make a few phone calls and rearrange what has previously been set up. But, I would have to have some difficult conversations and receive some tough love from those I have asked to help. This would not be an easy way out, and it is not something I have in me tonight. Another option would be just hop in the car, crank up the tunes and drowned it all out, but my car is still in the shop. So tonight, it looks like it will just be me facing the things I would rather stuff. Working through what needs to be worked through. And seeking the Big Man Upstairs for guidance and healing. And that is exactly what I need to do doing with weeks like this one. J

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