Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roots Matter

This morning, Colossians 2:7 found its way into my lap. “Having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him. . .”
Roots really matter.
Hurricane Irene blew through this past weekend. It was wild. Huge gusts of wind, falling branches, and gigantic trees swaying. Luckily, there was no real harm where I was staying. But driving home Sunday, the trees that had shallow or dead roots, really caused some damage.
I have tried to be intentional about deepening the roots in my life. And I’ve tried to plant myself by life giving water. It’s a task that has been accompanied by many challenges, hard work and failures. There have been choices that have been difficult to make, opportunities that I have unsuccessfully capitalize on, and moments where borrowed faith got me through.
Last week was I faced my own personal Irene. The winds blew hard, the cold rain poured, and I even lost some limbs. There were times, I question if I was planted as firmly as I thought.
Last night, I sat on the dock, under an indescribable star filled sky, and in the silence of the night. It was the calm after the storm. The time to process, to reflect and to give thanks was restorative. I was reminded that He is relentless in pouring out the love, grace and support needed to transform lives. He longs for us to plant ourselves close so that our roots can deepen. Like Colossians says, once those roots get deeper, that’s when the building starts!
As I confessed to Him last night, I have no idea what He is up to in my life, where He is leading, or who I am becoming . . . but I know with Him; it’s going to be greater than anything I can foresee. I know I am still fairly young, and at times naïve. Every now and then emotions and irrational thinking can get the best of me; there is a lot of room for growth and maturity. But I know that choosing to plant myself beside the Life Giver is worth it. Walking side by side with Him is worth it. The trails and obstacles that come along with growth are worth it.
The winds will come, Irene will resurface, and the rains will sting, but may we seek to deepen our roots. Because Roots really do matter.

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