Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Life's Mark

As I sit here, in a comfortable office, trying to get focused and tackle the tasks laid out before me, I find myself distracted. I am utterly thankful for my job. I am not sure there is a better corporate company out there to work for, I am sure that we house the most kind and professional folks, and I know there is no greater position that suits the math geek side of me. I feel as excited and happy to be a part of this team as I did on day one as I do on day three hundred and seventy two. I’m grateful.

Tonight, I will lay my head on a warm cozy bed; in an absolutely perfect home that I feel was made just for me. I will be surrounded by amazing neighbors, a sense of safety and the peaceful sounds of soothing water. I’m thankful.

This week, I have had the privilege of carving out time to spend with family and with friends. Family that has overcome challenges yet are able to celebrate and laugh over a much too short of a visit. Friends that I have lost touched with for several months, yet are able pick back up as if no time had passed. Family that just knows how to pack full a day of new adventures and lasting memories. Friends that give of themselves honestly and challenge me to become better. I ‘m blessed.

The people I work with, the neighbors I live by, the family and friends I share my life with have changed me. They have left lasting impressions on my life. Good or bad, they have had a role in my transformation.

This morning I’ve been inundated with playbacks of the last year, and am attentive to the impressions my life has left. I’ve been reminded of conversations and random acts of kindness that bring smiles. I’ve been weighted down with regrets and sadness for poor choices. I’ve been overwhelmed how the worst of me, is often, overcome by the best of who my God is!

Today, I am sitting with the weight of forgiveness, of grace, of being human, of a God who loves unconditional, and who desires to use me for His good, if I am willing.

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  1. I remember the Sharpie fairy...and a beautiful pen and ink drawing...and the emails and texts that said, "How can I pray for you?"

    God has used you for good. Indeed.