Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things change . . . yet stay the same

Today, was a special birthday of a specail kid. It was different this year . . .I wasn't there to see the expression of excitement from a room filled with decorations and presents. I wasn't there for the morning birthday breakfast. But I did catch up around noon to induldge in some birthday shopping, some birthday laughter and some birthday grub. It was in those moments I still felt attached, still felt like an important part, still felt like family. I am learning that even though situations change, boundaries change and mailing addresses change . . .family doesn't.

It was great! To see this 7 year old grow into an amazing 14 year old has been such a blessing. Even though there is very little credit that I can take, He has turned into an amazing teen. And today, I realized just how blessed I will be to continue to watch him grow into the man God has called him to be.And I've been blessed to learn first hand of parenting done well, done Godly, done admirably.

It was hard parting ways tonight. I lay my head in a seperate place now, and things are different. Stories have changed, but one thing will remain . . .we are family. We will still share special days, occassions, and memories. We will share the joy, the sorrow, the laughs and tears. We are family, and not matter what situations may change . . .that will always remain.


  1. Your words mean the world...and yes you are and will always be part of our family.